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I have been following the world of High Quality Rips for a while – a style of music that got big in early 2016. There have been manymany songs since then and I went through virtually all of them. This post is meant to serve as an introduction to the topic and contains my picks for Best of SiIvaGunner (up to April 2017).

What’s all this then?

The YouTube User GilvaSunner uploads soundtracks of mostly classic Nintendo games.

The YouTube User SiIvaGunner uploads songs that at first glance look and sound like game soundtracks, but then devolve into bait and switch japery. This is called a High Quality Rip. His name is spelled with a lowercase i followed by an uppercase i. Behind the scenes, a larger group of artists cooperates with him, for simplicity I will refer to SiIva as an individual though.

Over time, in addition to mixing multiple video game soundtracks into one soundfont, a large set of recurring songs and memes has grown around the channel. I will introduce you to some significant ones in the next segment.

For me, there are three main avenues of having fun with SiIva Songs, beyond whether a song is good in itself:
1) The surprise of finding out what the trick is this time. The most basic requirement of a joke is that it contains a shifting of perception, of noticing that there is a conflict if you only take one position into account. SiIva songs qualify as jokes: They force you to „see“ two or more song perspectives at the same time.
2) Most of the secondary songs (those not advertised in the video title) are intentionally divisive music choices. Getting familiar with a song I dislike in the original form in a new context makes them exciting and gives them new life.
3) In the case of more complex or subtle mixes, even identifying the secondary songs is an interesting challenge. SiIva is just very good for „advanced“ gamers and memers. Where I don’t know a reference, my love for learning new things is triggered.

Recurring Songs and Memes

7 Grand Dad

This is clearly the primary meme of them all. Joel, one of the Members of the excellent streamer group Vinesauce (who basically all do „advanced“ stuff instead of straight up streaming what is hot and current) went through a collection of bootlegged Mario games when he came upon Mario 7. His reaction is the perfect example of someone who must accidentally find a SiIvaGunner song while looking for the legitimate one. Joel’s bait and switch experience of finding a very unexpected reskin of a flintstones game behind a Mario title is what SiIva aspires to. You will often find songs turning into the Flintstones Theme, or Joel’s reaction to it.

Snow Halation

Snow Halation by the group µ’s [muse] is a song about being in love and how falling snow creates halos of light (halation isn’t about breathing in snow). It was originally featured in an irrelevant Anime and you don’t need to know or understand the lyrics. Here it is. I suspect that there are two major reasons why SiIva uses it so much: A) It is extremely divisive, and like the rickroll back in the day day can cause the feeling of being thoroughly japed again. B) He is a massive weeb and likes the song unironically.

We’re Number One

You may already know We’re Number One. It is one of the first memes that was weaponized for good, as the actor of Robbie Rotten, Stefan Karl, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. To fund the bills associated with that, a GoFundMe was set up – and the internet advertised it by turning this song of his into a massive meme of late 2016. Here are some optional references. SiIva uses the song unironically.

The Nutshack

The intro to a largely unknown and extremely low quality animated show featuring a theme almost as repetitive as the Ninja Turtles Theme. The show is not even about a brothel, despite the name. It came to fame in 2016 by being one of the first iterations of the Technical Meme. For an explanation and discussion of Technical Memes, watch this episode of the very good PBS Idea Channel. The format would later be reversed, using the Bee Movie as the basis instead of The Nutshack.

Coconut Gun 64

These are multiple lyric rearrangements of the Donkey Kong Rap from Donkey Kong 64. The original song will cause equal amounts of nostalgia and cringe in people who played it back in the day but only one of those feelings in everyone else. Many variants of the song reformat it as an endless praise of the Coconut Gun. My favorite line in one of them is „If you know the lyrics / you should shoot yourself“.

Pokemon Go Song

Rolling on the waves of Pokémon GO’s release last year, the song featuring the line I Play Pokemon Go Everyday gained more views than even many cat videos. Laughing at the little vampire’s poor performance may seem cruel. Considering his entire channel is based on exploiting hype windows for current games, I find it fully acceptable.

Loud Nigra/Beaned

Both of these memes are loud noise memes.“Beaned“ was a bass-boosted jumpscare noise accompanied by the image of a beanstalk that tended to suddenly show up in songs. It was received so negatively that all instances on the channel have been deleted. „Loud Nigra“ is a clip of a porn actor screaming, as if in intense pain, due to an orgasm. SiIva tends to use it within reason and not as a jumpscare.

Popular Music

Keep an eye out for the Soulja Boy, Interior Crocodile Alligator, Hotline Bling, Gangnam Style and others. These are some of the most „divisive“ songs I mentioned earlier – the overlap between video game soundtrack fans and people who respect Soulja Boy is probably minor. SiIva often recontextualizes them so that their unappealling sides fade away.


Garfielf is a supercharged version of Garfield. In technical terms it resembles Dolan, featuring computer-generated voices, intentional misspelling jokes and more than crude graphics. Variations of the meme usually stay within the realm of „John complains impotently, garfielf continuously does whatever he wants“. SiIva has adapted the robot voice of Garfielf for anonymous portrayals of himself.

Time for the Playlist!

Here it is. I recommend opening it in a separate tab.

Songs on the Best of Siivagunner Playlist have been chosen by the scientific metric of me. I am the measurement. Generally, the songs on here are those I have listened to for fun over a long time, or that contain very surprising or funny twists. The first few should introduce you to many of the mentioned memes. The main part is miscellaneous, but with an attempt to avoid brutal tonal shifts between songs. The last few songs are meant to put a bow on the list, with escalating mashups and finality.

Comments on some individual Songs in the Playlist (read when you reach them)

Flat Zone 2 – Super Smash Bros. Brawl is only in there for one reason. The cover version by Hannah and Hilly Hindy. As someone surrounded by cosplayers I am of course aware of Supernatural, a show that even fans agree is terrible and has been getting worse over time. You can identify Supernatural Characters, who are basically all demons, angels and stuff like that by the way they look like completely normal dudes. Fandom is mostly based on the extremely likeable cast and crew, who were great enough to even appear in the song cover. You can identify them by the fact that they do nothing of interest or challenge in there. Basically, a terrible original song and a TV show that is absolutely not for me made a very good music video.

Earthbound – Super Smash Bros is one of those deep references. It pokes at The Game Theorists and their massively decreased quality with significantly increased advertisement segments. They once claimed that Sans is Ness. MatPat has become a meme himself by forcing a regular upload schedule onto a format that should post when he has a fricken idea. I watched his channel’s decline into clickfodder and don’t approve.

Lenny Kravitz – Fly Away (lyrics) is a video by Neil Cicierega, one of the fathers of the internet as we know it. While this song is not remotely about video games, I feel like he spearheaded the movement of the bait and switch, even copying all the formal standards of shitty lyrics videos extremely well. Neil’s impact on today’s Internet culture can barely be understated, he went where few had gone before, similar to Ze Frank or Hank and John Green. You may know him as Lemon Demon if you remember the days before Youtube, from his groundbreaking comic Ariel Needs Legs or most recently from his „Mouth“ Album Trilogy. He is struggling with SiIva for my most listened to Artist this year.

Title Theme & Ending – 7 GRAND DAD was the temporary climax of SiIvagunner. While the channel managed to keep up hourly uploads for months, something that observers still can not explain, the channel went on Hiatus months ago. It has since become active again. I still used this as the last song in the set due to the obvious finality inherent to it. Try to spot as many references as you can.


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  1. O shite good memz m8!

    John Shuut

    9. April 2017 at 4:00 pm

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